At In WA Adventures we like to think our tours of the Kimberley offer guests ‘real’ experiences.  But what does that really mean? Well if you are looking for an authentic Australian adventure; wide open spaces, untouched wilderness, waterfalls, gorges and swimming holes, Aboriginal culture and art, abundant wildlife, white sand beaches and the bluest ocean – then you will find it all in the Kimberley.  But it is not just the land that makes it feel like the real thing – it is also the people you meet.  From the Aboriginal elder sharing his dreamtime stories to the larrakin cowboy telling tales round the campfire – the Kimberley is full of real Aussie characters.  The people you meet on our tours of the Kimberley will help you discover the real meaning of ‘outback hospitality’.

Perhaps the reason that The Kimberley feels like the ‘real’ Australia is because it is so untouched and remote. Taking up the North West corner of Western Australia the largest town in the Kimberley is Broome, our hometown, with a population of just 14,000.  The gateway to the Kimberley, Broome is 2,250 kms from the capital of WA – Perth.  The nearest city to Broome is Karratha, some 835 kms away.  The total population of the Kimberley is around 36,000, half of which are Aboriginal.  The Kimberley is an area of 423,517 square kms, which is about three times the size of England, twice the size of Victoria, or just slightly smaller than California.  In short, the Kimberley is a huge area which is sparsely populated, it’s the polar opposite to modern day cities.

On our tours leaving Broome you can travel for hour after hour in the Kimberley and not see another vehicle, instead you will see a unique and ancient land that will take your breath away.  But that’s OK, you can then fill your lungs again with some of the cleanest, sweetest, most unpolluted air on the planet!

The Kimberley is a relatively untouched, wilderness region, it has got loads of amazing things to see and do – but you need to know where they are!  That is where an In WA Adventures tour from Broome comes in! We know the Kimberley because we have lived and worked here for many years.  The unique experiences that our Kimberley tours offer will show you the real Kimberley.  A combination of our vast experience in guiding tours of the Kimberley and our In WA Adventures’ luxury 4WD vehicles means we can get off the beaten track and go places other don’t go, or don’t even know!

So get in touch and make your dreams real.