We understand that finding the best Kimberley tour for you is very important.  You want your Kimberley Tour to be a trip of a lifetime – something you will want to remember and not something you want to forget!  So to find the best Kimberley tour for you there are a number of things you need to consider.  There are plenty of options out there, but which one is right for you? To help you find your perfect Kimberley tour we’ve put together a check list of eight things you need to think about before you book your Kimberley adventure…

  1. Cost: There are a range of Kimberley Tours catering to different markets which vary in price.  Obviously your budget will have an impact on which tour you choose.  But be sure to think about value for money.
  2. Extras: Consider what you get for the price and check for extras such as add on tours, accommodation upgrades and meals.  Once these are added on the tour may not look such great value for money great after all.
  3. Duration: If you can only take a week’s holiday then a 9 day tour is not for you!
  4. Departure Day: Tours will leave Broome on designated days so finding your dream tour is one thing, but making sure it fits in with your flights and time off work is another.
  5. Accommodation:  Getting a good night’s sleep on tour is important, the days are packed full of activities so you don’t want to be feeling tired. Is your preference camping of glamping?  Are you happy to put your tent up each night and snuggle down on the ground in a sleeping bag or would you prefer to have a bed with fresh linen and an ensuite?
  6. Vehicle:  The Kimberley is vast and the roads are challenging so its important that your tour vehicle is up to the task.  You might want to ask the operator the age of their vehicle/s and how many kms they have spent travelling the Kimberley.  Even a well maintained vehicle will start showing signs of wear and tear after a few years.  A 4WD tour vehicle will get you to all the best places.  You might also want to consider the creature comforts onboard such as WiFi and charging points for your phone or camera.
  7. Size of Group: Kimberley Tour groups can be over 20 people.  In WA Adventures sister company InStyle Adventures has a maximum of four passengers, while at In WA Adventures we have a maximum of eight.  The benefits of a smaller group are that you get more opportunity to learn from the tour guide and there is more opportunity to get involved.
  8. Minimum Number: Another thing to consider is the minimum of passengers needed for a guaranteed departure.  If that number is not met it can mean your tour is cancelled and all of your plans are up in smoke!  Some operators have a minimum number of as many as six.  In WA Adventures will guarantee departure with a minimum of two.

Finally, to ensure you find the best Kimberley tour for you contact the tour operator and get to know them.  We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about the In WA Adventures’ difference. Contact us